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HBO Original Documentary Series: Sex Diaries
Sex Diaries
chronicles eight New Yorkers in short, intimate profiles as they navigate sex and dating in the city. The verité portraits are woven together with video diaries that share personal reflections on dating, cultivating relationships and exploring sexual desire, and include check-ins with Alyssa Shelasky, editor of New York Magazine’s “Sex Diaries” column, as diarists recount the ups and downs of their experiences. A contemporary look at a search for connection, Sex Diaries offers a range of unique explorations of sex, intimacy, and relationships today.

Director: Jenny Carchman
Motion Graphics: Elastic TV
Original Art: James Gallagher
Launch Date: 12/14/2022
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Stussy X James Gallagher
The Stussy Artist Series, Fall 2011 Collection

Short video in which Gallagher discusses his art and stylistic approach.

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A mysterious gravity holds together the disparate body parts and strangely fragmented figures of artist James Gallagher. They repeat certain actions and poses over and over again as if silently mouthing the words to some secret message. Gallagher's solo exhibition Everybody Else at Jolie Laide gallery is a unique opportunity to decipher some pieces of the puzzle.
Using a medium that captures the frailty and transience of the human condition, Gallagher’s work advertises our basic human quest for power, sex, and acceptance. The glue behind the work is a psychological cocktail of emphatic sensorial connection through materials and process.
–Christopher Davison, Title Magazine

Everybody Else: Collage by James Gallagher
Jolie Laide Gallery, Philladelphia, PA
September 9 – October 8, 2011

James Gallagher:
What’s Your Pleasure?
Pool Gallery, Berlin, Germany
March 8 – April 19, 2008

James Gallagher: Prolonging the Ecstasy
CO2 Gallery, Rome, Italy
December 15, 2011 – January 28, 2012

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Marked: A Collection of Works on Paper
Curated by James Gallagher
Gallery at Atlas, Newburgh, NY
September 26  – October 26, 2019
Featuring work by Jacob Buckner, Matthew Craven, Bella Foster, John Gall, Casey Gallagher, James Gallagher, Ryan Gallagher, Johanna Goodman, Jordin Isip, Rich Jacobs, Eden Lynch, Taylor McKimens, Allyson Mellberg-Taylor, Jason Polan, Simone Shubuck, Rodger Stevens, Josie Stevenson, Todd St John, Adam Stolorow, Storm Tharp, John Whitlock, and Bryce Wymer

Cutters: A Collection of International Collage
Curated by James Gallagher
Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY / October 16 – November 15, 2009
Pool Gallery,
Berlin, Germany / May 12 – July 15, 2010
West Cork Arts Centre, Cork, Ireland / February 7 – March 12, 2011
Gestalten Space, Berlin, Germany / April 29 – May 28, 2011

Cutters, a series of group exhibitions curated by James Gallagher, reaffirms the new recognition of collage that has come about of late, featuring new and recent collage works by thirteen international artists. Collage is in no way a new medium, having been practiced popularly for the past few centuries and less popularly for many before that; however as today‘s world edges closer to chaos, inundated with imagery and information, collage enjoys a newly found place among necessary outlets of expression. –Pool Gallery, Berlin

According to curator James Gallagher, the works in the exhibition “fall into a variety of categories, numerous styles, and countless visions. All of them made from the act of physically or digitally cutting and pasting…resulting in a range of work that encompasses everything from social and political commentaries to personal confessions, not to mention surrealist fantasies composed from real life and from the imaginary. –Gestalten Space, Berlin

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Secret Behavior
Published, edited and curated by James Gallagher

Secret Behavior provides a sophisticated look at intimacy from the point of view of contemporary artists and writers. 

Secret Behavior is the brainchild of artist and father of three James Gallagher, and an extension of the raw, stream-of-consciousness collages he has been making since an early midlife crisis. The Cut

Secret Behavior uncovers deeper interpretations of sexuality with striking imagery. The juxtaposition of collages, photographs and other artworks is masterly. Print Magazine

A magazine that celebrates sex, beauty, desire and the mysteries of the human condition. Italian G

A beautiful art publication that falls somewhere on the spectrum between a magazine and a book, Secret Behavior is full of feelings, flesh, fucking and other normal things. Kickstarter’s Best Publishing Projects 2014

Cutting Edges: Contemporary Collage
Die Gestalten Verlag
Edited by Robert Klanten, Hendrik Hellige, and James Gallagher

Cutting Edges documents the new heyday of collage in current art and visual culture. Today’s artists, illustrators, and designers are increasingly drawn to this artistic technique by the challenges of seamlessly melding traditional craftsmanship with skilled computer montage. They are not only composing a wide variety of visual elements, but are also deliberately omitting, deleting, and destroying them. This book is an inspiring collection of these unique examples of contemporary collage.